DIY Button Holiday Cards with 8 Free Downloadable Templates!

button cards-01Button cards 2-02

Add fun buttons to these templates using hot glue for an instant homemade card!  Homemade cards come straight from the heart.  These cards are unique.  There’s no chance that someone else will be giving the same card this holiday season.

button cards 3-07

Download and print out the card templates onto white card stock.  If you don’t have a color printer you can get them printed at your local print center.  The card templates are available at the bottom of this post.

Button cards 1-11Button cards 1-10Button cards 1-08

Fold card stock in half.

Button cards 1-06

Choose your buttons for your card and line them up for easy gluing.  Plug in your hot glue gun and make sure it is nice and warm before you start.

button cards 3-04Button cards 1-07button cards 3-03

Put a ring of glue around the button avoiding the holes when possible.  Glue that seeps into the holes may be visible once placed on the card.

Cards by the fireplace.  What a wonderful glow!

Button cards 1-04Button cards 1-03

Photos of Holiday cards with buttons

button cards 3-01button cards 3-06button cards 3-02button cards 3-05

Button cards 1-09Button cards 1-05Button cards 1-01Button cards 1-02

Holiday card templates.  Click on images to enlarge and save to your computer before you print.

Button card 2-02 Merry Christmas button treeButton card 2-03 Button card 2-04Button Cards-01 Button Cards-02 Button Cards-03 Button Cards-04



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