DIY Cat Scratcher

Cat Scratcher-01

Cat Scratcher-04

Cat Scratcherm 2-04

It takes some time cutting up cardboard into strips, but you can save a bundle by making your own cat scratcher.  It requires a lot of cardboard, so it’s a perfect project for anyone that just moved or loves to shop online.  My cat Tiggy loves it!


Large cardboard box
More cardboard pieces
Box cutter and/or scissors
Catnip (optional)

Cat Scratcherm 2-02

Use a box with a bottom that’s the size you want your scratcher to be.

Cat Scratcherm 2-05

Cut off the box flaps.

Cat Scratcherm 2-06

Cut around box bottom so that it’s only 1-2 inches high.

Cat Scratcher-02

Put box flap into scratcher bottom.

Cat Scratcherm 2-01

Cut to fit.  This piece will be your template.  Continue to cut enough pieces to fit the entire box.  Instead of using glue, I stuffed in enough pieces to prevent them from moving.  You can use glue if you want, just make sure that it’s safe for cats!

Cat Scratcherm 2-03

You can sprinkle with catnip if you wish.


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